March 2008

To:      NYSCCCC Network Members
From:  Carol Saginaw
Re:      Announcement of changes to OCFS-LDSS-4433 (Medical Statement of Child in Child Care
Revised 12/07

As I hope you all are aware, as of January 1, 2008 state law requires all infants and children entering public, private or parochial child care programs or nursery schools to be immunized against invasive pneumococcal disease.  Invasive pneumococcal disease is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in the United States and as you know, children attending out-of-home child care programs are in close contact with each other and thus have an increased risk of contracting this disease.  NYSCCCC, in coalition with several other groups, including the New York State branch of the American Pediatric Association, successfully advocated for this new statute.

The vaccine used to immunize against this disease is Prevnar and it is produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.  This critical immunization will limit the exposure and contracting of this vaccine-preventable disease in children in child care settings, drastically reducing their chances for serious illness.  Recent studies have shown that since Year 2000, Prevnar has already reduced invasive pneumococcal disease by 94% in children less than five years of age.  Because young children are not carrying the disease, they are not spreading it to other children and to older adults.  This has led to a significant reduction in pneumococcal disease for all age groups.  

Changes to the form OCFS-LDSS-4433 are as follows:

1. Immunizations required for entry into day care now lists four doses of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) which is required for those children born on or after 1/01/08

2. The Office of Child and Family services now lists other immunizations that may be reported, including Rotavirus, Influenza, and Hepatitis A.

3.  Under Religious Exemptions, there has been a section added, stating “A written and signed
statement from a parent, parents, or guardian of the child stating that they object of the      immunization of their child due to their sincere and genuine religious beliefs should be submitted to the daycare owner, operator or administrator who shall determine whether the statement of religious belief is acceptable.

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