Economic Impact of Child Care

The New York State Child Care Coordinating Council (NYSCCCC) is pleased to present you with a copy of our recent study, Investing in New York: An Economic Analysis of the Early Care and Education Sector, undertaken in collaboration with the Cornell University Department of City and Regional Planning. The findings from this collaborative report highlight what we believed from the start; early care and education is a vital part of New York State’s social and economic infrastructure.

Focusing on both traditional child care services, as well as programs more associated with early education, the report documents the size, scope, and economic breath of the sector. This documentation indicates that the early care and education industry generates over 4.7 billion dollars annually. The sector employs nearly 120,000 workers in more than 22,000 child care businesses, serves more than 620,000 children and helps more than 750,000 parents enter and stay in the workforce. It is clearly a significant part of New York State’s small business base that deserves a more intense economic-development focus. Investment within this sector will not only benefit the formation of our future workforce, but will promote regional economic development.

This report was created in order to assist policymakers, advocates, and professionals to revisit and reassess the contributions and importance of early care and education within the state. We look forward to working with you in the coming months to ensure continued and expanded investment in this critical New York State industry. Click here for a copy of the Executive Summary and Report.

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