Celebrating 30 Years of Commitment and Dedication to
making quality, affordable child care available to the
Children and Families of New York State

Through the years and with dedicated effort, the New York Child Care Coordinating Council (NYSCCCC) has been a guiding force in bringing focus to key concerns in the arena of child care including: an awareness of the need for high quality programs, the recruitment and retention of child care professionals, higher standards for teacher qualifications, increased accessibility and affordability of child care programs for low-income families, increased awareness of the importance of infant/toddler care and an awareness of the value of raising parental expectations for high quality child care in all settings. Both statewide and nationally, NYSCCCC has been an effective advocate and has successfully worked to support a network of forty-one community based child care resource and referral agencies, bringing these critical concerns to the local level.

On Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 NYSCCCC celebrated its 30th year of commitment and dedication to New York State’s children and families. The celebration was held at The Governor’s Mansion and honored Governor George Pataki, Matilda Cuomo, NYSCCCC Founders, and The Rauch Foundation.

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