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Virtual Strike

Together We Can!
September 26-30 2005


On behalf of Child Care that Works, thank you for your interest in the VIRTUAL STRIKE FOR CHILD CARE. (What is a Virtual Strike?)

We are determined to mobilize our field, win more resources for early childhood programs and better compensation for staff, and we believe that TOGETHER WE CAN make ourselves a force to be reckoned with!

The VIRTUAL STRIKE will dramatize our situation – the early childhood field is already virtually on strike:

  • Every day, workers are forced to leave jobs they love in search of better pay and benefits (To read more click here.)
  • Turnover now tops 30% in many parts of New York State, and many programs simply can’t find or keep qualified teachers under current conditions
  • Children in our communities go without quality early learning programs that prepare them for school

The hundreds of thousands of children and families we serve across New York State count on us! We plan to bring attention to the critical importance of early care and education starting with a VIRTUAL STRIKE the week of September 26 – 30. TOGETHER WE CAN win more resources for early childhood programs.

Each day of the strike, we will give our parents, neighbors, business leaders, public school and elected officials another reason to join our campaign, and support our fight to win the resources we need to:

  • Keep Children Learning!
  • Keep New York Working!
  • Keep Our Economy Strong!

The VIRTUAL STRIKE is just step one in a comprehensive campaign. Sponsored by Child Care that Works, (, this broad coalition of groups dedicated to making sure that New York State’s children are learning while their parents are working.

Everyone can participate, from the individual to the small and large centers, providers, and early care programs. TOGETHER WE CAN impact outcomes for children, support for families and resources for providers in the early care field. (for list of materials click here)

REGISTER now for the VIRTUAL STRIKE! Once you’re registered, we’ll send you news, and keep you informed of coming events. Whatever action you take, large or small, you are no longer just one, but one of many.

Spread the word! The more people we mobilize the greater our impact.

make a difference for our children, our communities, and ourselves!