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Web Links for College Searches, Virtual Tours, Financial Aid/Scholarships, Career Counseling/Planning, and additionally links.

College Board Online College Money PLANNER
The College Board makes it easy for prospective college students and their families to plan their financial needs by using the College Money PLANNER Form, which can be completed online.

College Choice Website
Information and links to other financial aid sites, such as ROTC Scholarships, Scholarship Search Services, Index of Minority Scholarships and Fellowships, and Student Loan Information from Banks.

College Connection Scholarships
This site provides an opportunity for college-bound students to receive with free scholarship information and to begin building a financial aid package.

College Quest
This site offers information on financial aid, colleges, application process.

This site provides for college searches, virtual tours, financial aid information, career counseling.

EDP Scholarship Services
This site provides information on EDPs scholarship matching service, which locates free, unclaimed and pre-qualified scholarships for students and parents who want to save money toward their college education.

A database of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans in private sector funding for college students living in the United States, plus extensive information about federal government financial aid.

This site contains descriptions of different types of college loans, access to scholarships with a FAST-WEB link, financial forms and an online college finance calculator

Financial Aid Resource Center
This site provides information on the basics of financial aid, access to federal, state, and general aid sources and links to college and university financial aid home pages.

Higher Education Services Corporation
This site provides information on New York State government financial aid. Included are services for students, parents, counselors, and college administrators on planning for the future, paying for college, career resources, search, school and lender services, and college information.

Life Long Learning
A database of accredited distance learning courses.

Making College Count
This site offers advice on where to find scholarships, information on college counseling programs, and tips to maximize the college experience.

New York's College Choice Tuition Savings Program
This site provides information on the NYS College Choice Tuition Savings Program. A program designed to help individuals and families save for a college education by depositing funds into a "Family Tuition Account."

New York State Education Department- The Office of Higher Education
This site offers information on New York State Colleges and Universities, funding opportunities and additional Web Links.

This site allows users to explore colleges and universities, graduate programs, distance learning courses and programs, and study abroad programs.

Resource Pathways College Information Community
This sites College Financial Aid Resources attempts to cover all the Web sites on financial aid and link them in a search.

Target Financial Aid Planner
Target Marketing provides college and university profiles, information on financial aid, scholarships, and school loans.

U.S. Department of Education- Office of Postsecondary Education