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The New York State Early Childhood Core Body of
Knowledge Framework: Essential Areas of Knowledge
Needed for Working Effectively with Young Children, Birth Through Age 8

Developed by
: The Career Development Initiative of New York State Consistent Standards Work Group

Funded by: The Aaron Diamond Foundation and The Rockefeller Brothers Fund


The purpose of the Core Body of Knowledge is:

The Core Body of Knowledge encompasses six knowledge base areas. There are three ascending levels of competency associated with each knowledge base areas. The knowledge bases are:

Each knowledge base area consists of three levels of competency. These are described as a continuum from the preliminary skills necessary for entry into the field, to characteristics of those who work with children on a daily basis (Levels I and II), to an advanced level of academic preparation and varied experience (Level lII). Each higher level of competency encompasses the skills and knowledge of all previous levels.

The Core Body of Knowledge can be used to:


The following is an abbreviated example of the format.

Knowledge Base IV: Child Assessment

Knowledge Base
Assessments of young children are based on information gathered through a variety of procedures, conducted over a period of time, and appropriate to the developmental age and stage of the young child.

1. Observations of the child in a variety of situations and use of a variety of techniques , such as:

2. Review of samples of the childs work and play created and collected over a period of time, such as:


Competency Levels
The adult providing early care and education will demonstrate the ability to...

At Level I

At Level II

At Level III


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